the happenings


Dear Readers,

Lately, I have been receiving the most encouraging comments from you on my posts. I feel honored to have created a space where such beautiful people can come and be real! Your honest words fill me with so much peace and joy and heck...they help me feel like I'm not that much of a loony after all.

In honor of your authenticity, I haven't been posting much! Sometimes blogging turns into 'filler' posts just to keep people occupied. But I'm not really about that. I like to cut to the main course. And lately my mind has just been all over the place with a ton of appetizers.... and not the good kind of appetizers. More like olives and weird grandma-type finger foods that you don't really even want to see let alone taste.

But I figured that I owe it to you to at least fill you in only my life lately! I guess some pretty big things have been happening around here. So I'm back...with a little bit of a good meal for ya. No steak by any means. But nothing is wrong with a big bowl of mac and cheese, right?

(I'm dieting right now so that I can fit into my dress on my wedding day... can you tell that food is on my mind?)

Which brings me to the point of this post... Here's what's been going on in ma life with some insta-snaps.

- First things first. It's getting chilly out. And I'm in love with life all over again because of the simple fact that Fall is slowly making an appearance!!

- Then there's the fact that I got engaged this summer to my boyfriend of 3 and a half years. Holy cannoli. We are getting hitched in October. Only 29 days away! Woah. I guess if I'm feeling more mushy gushy I'll post about us at a later point. You can also expect some lovely wedding photos. And some wedding planning sarcasm. But basically he's just really swell. And a genius. And pretty damn handsome.

- After my recent move to Springfield, MO I have met so many beautiful, creative women who love to talk for hours around a campfire with wine and beer in-hand, meet up for spontaneous breakfasts, and be so real and loving along each step of the way. The friendship box in my heart is definitely full. That's a good feeling.

photo cred: the lovely Madison Hedlund

- I like writing. And not so much photoshoots of myself or expensive DIYs. So I think my blog will be filled with more writing. Perhaps some of that other stuff here or there. Stick around if you'd like!

Let me know if there's anything you want to hear my thoughts on and you can count on a post! :]


if friends were flowers...


The saying goes, "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you."

I'd like to shake this saying up a bit.

I say, If friends were flowers, there would be annuals and there would be perennials. I think there would be those that are there for a single season, offering beauty and growth for a temporary time, and there would be those who root themselves in such a way that they cannot be removed.

I remember one of my first flower trips to Lowe's with my mother, as she taught me about annuals and perennials. You see, I had filled my cart with the most colorful, extravagant flowers... dreaming of how perfect they would look in my first garden. Only to find out that I had picked flowers that would only last the spring, and would never return again. I picked out annuals. I was initially frustrated by this, having spent time picking out colors that coordinated and heights that complimented. But soon realized that she saved me from the disappointment of my investment going into something entirely temporary.

I went back to the aisles, hunting down perennials. I had originally wanted to fill my garden with the most beautiful, unique plants. But now I wanted to fill my garden with plants that would stick around and surprise me by showing up as little buds, ready for a new show, after a long New Hampshire winter. So I kept a few annuals - recognizing that though they would only be there for a season, they would still be there for that season nonetheless. But the rest of my cart was filled with veronicas, asters, and peonies.

And thus blossomed my first garden.

Annuals are so important. They give and receive for a season. Their presence is crucial. Their gift is undeniably one of a kind. The memories and photos of them can and will always be treasured.

But perennials come back. No matter how barren the winter, how infrequent the rain, how scorching the sun. Perennials still show up, over and over again. Even when you don't want them. Even when you can't see them. They will always be there. They will always show up.

Therefore, if friends were flowers... there would be annuals. and there would be perennials.

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