if friends were flowers...


The saying goes, "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you."

I'd like to shake this saying up a bit.

I say, If friends were flowers, there would be annuals and there would be perennials. I think there would be those that are there for a single season, offering beauty and growth for a temporary time, and there would be those who root themselves in such a way that they cannot be removed.

I remember one of my first flower trips to Lowe's with my mother, as she taught me about annuals and perennials. You see, I had filled my cart with the most colorful, extravagant flowers... dreaming of how perfect they would look in my first garden. Only to find out that I had picked flowers that would only last the spring, and would never return again. I picked out annuals. I was initially frustrated by this, having spent time picking out colors that coordinated and heights that complimented. But soon realized that she saved me from the disappointment of my investment going into something entirely temporary.

I went back to the aisles, hunting down perennials. I had originally wanted to fill my garden with the most beautiful, unique plants. But now I wanted to fill my garden with plants that would stick around and surprise me by showing up as little buds, ready for a new show, after a long New Hampshire winter. So I kept a few annuals - recognizing that though they would only be there for a season, they would still be there for that season nonetheless. But the rest of my cart was filled with veronicas, asters, and peonies.

And thus blossomed my first garden.

Annuals are so important. They give and receive for a season. Their presence is crucial. Their gift is undeniably one of a kind. The memories and photos of them can and will always be treasured.

But perennials come back. No matter how barren the winter, how infrequent the rain, how scorching the sun. Perennials still show up, over and over again. Even when you don't want them. Even when you can't see them. They will always be there. They will always show up.

Therefore, if friends were flowers... there would be annuals. and there would be perennials.


Paleo disApproved


Did you know that if you are on the caveman diet, you can’t eat the chicken at Chipotle because of the oil it’s cooked in? I didn’t. Until a friend pointed it out to me. And from that moment on, I knew Paleo wasn’t for me.


Because I envisioned myself standing in line at Chipotle saying, “Which of your meats ISN’T cooked in SOYBEAN OIL?” And I knew that that was not me. Can you imagine if there was someone from a third world country behind me in line as I said that??? Someone who would do anything for any kind of protein??? I would be MORTIFIED, embarrassed, and honestly, I would no longer be Paleo.

Not because it’s too hard or too healthy…but because it’s too consuming. I refuse to dedicate my energy, time, or thought to anything that is sure to become an unhealthy obsession in my life. And the way that the Paleo diet requires one to be paranoid about what type of dressing goes on their salad indicates the potential for an unhealthy obsession.

It’s kind of ironic actually, that in the pursuit of healthy, it can be so easy to slip into “unhealthy”. I’m not suggesting that Paleo is physically unhealthy, but perhaps in some ways, mentally unhealthy. And that goes for all of these never-ending diet fads. GF, vegan, pescetarian, etc. When is enough, enough?

Anything that consumes THAT much of your attention can easily become an idol your life. I don’t want that for myself. And I certainly don’t want that for you. Your goal in life should be balance. Not strict obedience to a privileged lifestyle eating plan. 

So be careful. Don't glorify things that are so fleeting in this life. Strive towards a healthy perspective within everything. Leave room for grace.

My blog name is FREELY RONNIE, because I choose to live freely. That might mean Chipotle chicken today, a donut tomorrow because I'm halfway through the week, and a couple extra pounds here or there. But I’m free. And no diet or number on the scale beats that.


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